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How to grow Cilantro microgreens


Growing Microgreens

Growing Cilantro Microgreens


  • Measure 3 tsp. of cilantro seed for the personal size 6x6 grow tray

  • Measure 8 tbsp. of cilantro seed for a 10x20 grow tray

  • Soak cilantro seeds in a glass bowl filled with clean water overnight to speed up the germination process

  • Wet and place your grow medium in your growing tray

  • Sprinkle cilantro seed evenly over your grow medium

  • Gently water the seeds using a spray bottle the first time and bottom water after germination stage

  • Take your grow tray lid and turn it upside down and place it on top of your seeds

  • You will not water your cilantro during germination, unless your grow medium begins to dry out

  • Germination 5 – 7 days, keep plants covered in a dark area for this time frame

  • Cilantro is a bit difficult to grow, maintain a room temperature of 65-75 degrees F to avoid disease

  • Make sure to give your cilantro plenty of daylight either with an LED efficient light or simply placing in near a window or under one of your house lamps.

  • Keep the grow medium moist but not saturated, cilantro is very vulnerable to over-watering – it’s best to use a spray bottle


Lighting and Watering

Cilantro does not require much watering if you are using room light, if you are using supplemental lighting you will use your spray bottle and lightly mist daily.


****Grow Tip: Cilantro seed need air, so it’s important during the germination stage to open the germination lid and let them air out for a bit to avoid a mold issue.  This is true for any microgreen that has a germination stage longer than 1 or 2 days.


Days to Maturity

With cilantro microgreens, it is best to harvest at the cotyledon stage, which is the first set of leaves your plants grow before their first true leaves grow, or once the first true leaves begin to emerge, depending on your preference or your market. To grow your cilantro microgreens to the first cotyledon stage will take approximately 18 – 21 days from the moment you plant to harvest time.  In some cases, basil microgreens can take up to 25 days depending on the growing environment they are in.



When you are ready to harvest your cilantro microgreens, cut the plants just above the grow medium. We suggest that you cut them as you are ready to eat them vs cutting them and storing them.  



Shelf life ranges from 5 - 10 days under proper storage conditions. Store them in an air tight plastic bag cuddled with a paper towel.  Store them in the refrigerator after they have been cut.



Cilantro microgreens are prone to damping off disorder, which is associated with poor air circulation and over saturated grow mediums.  Ensure air movement with horizontal airflow fans.