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Nutrient-Dense "Green Food" In Just 10 to 12 Days



Microgreens are Bursting With Nutrition

Microgreens are small in size and pack a powerful zing of nutrition, up to 40 times more than their full-grown counterparts. They provide intense flavour, vivid colours and crisp textures and provide high levels of vitamin K, C and E, lutein, beta-carotene and so many more vitamins and minerals.


Because microgreens are harvested right after germination, all the nutrients they need to grow are there. When harvested at the right time they are very concentrated with nutrients, and the flavour and texture are also good.


All of the nutrients in microgreens are extremely important for skin, eyes and fighting cancer amongst most chronic illness and disease.


Microgreens are available at many of the farmer's markets and some grocery stores. Microgreens are expensive to purchase and can cost as much as $25 to $40 per pound. At this price, it makes it difficult for people to buy microgreens and add them to their everyday meals.


Urban Pure Agriculture makes it affordable and simple for everyone to be able to grow microgreens with no fuss and no mess. You can grow microgreens with very little space and very little investment.


UPAG Kits go on Sale July 5th, 2018.