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Microgreens Crate Kit

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Microgreens Crate Kit, the perfect gift for that special someone.


$ 25.00





The perfect gift to give someone who loves to grow a garden and wants to try their hand at microgreens. It fits in with any decor setting, sits perfectly on any window ledge.


This kit comes with 2 oz of our zesty microgreens seed mix of radish, mustard and beets, with enough grow medium to grow 4 crates of microgreens. You will yeild approximately 8 - 12 oz of microgreens with this microgreens crate kit.


This microgreens wooden crate has a screened bottom for easy draining and air flow and comes with everything you need to grow tasty, healthy microgreens.


Because microgreens only take 10 to 12 days to grow, this is the perfect kit for kids. Kids love to grow microgreens and eat them once they are ready. What better way to introduce a healthy food than to show kids how to grow their own.


Shipping and Handling included