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Mini-Salad Mix Kit

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Mini Microgreens Growing Kit - Delicious Salad Mix


$ 12.99



Mini Microgreens Growing Kits - Salad Mix

This single serve microgreens kit includes everything you need to grow microgreens on your own kitchen counter top, cleanly, quickly and easily.


It's time to have some fun with delicious and easy to grow microgreens:


Each Kit Includes:


1 - 2oz packet of Salad Mix seeds


1 - 4.5" x 1.5" Grow Container


3 - Grow Medium Pads


1 - Pre-measured Grow Medium, enough to grow 3 containers of microgreens


1 - Spray Mister


Detailed Microgreens Growing Instructions


These kits are a fun way to start growing microgreens.  Perfect for garnishes, adding to salads and sandwiches, science experiments and so much more.