Microgreens Benefits


Add MICROGREENS to Your Diet

Add Them to Everything - Microgreens Recipes Ideas and Inspirations.

Cooking with microgreens is fun and simple. The possibilities are endless. With a variety of textures, colors and flavors, you can reinvent your favorite recipes by adding a selection of microgreens.
Let your creativity rise and have fun. By adding microgreens to your food, it is an elixir of vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants that you offer to your body.


• Appetizers
• Soups and Pottages
• Sandwiches
• Wraps
• Burgers and Hotdogs
• Pizza
• Potatoes and Vegetables
• Fajitas
• Salads
• Omelets
• Meat
• Fish and Seafood
• Desserts
• Smoothies

52 MICROGREENS Recipe Ideas

Micro basil and arugula pesto
Sushi caterpillar rolls with daikon radish micros for antenna
Mix micro herbs with a lemon-orange citrus dressing and ball them up to be put on steak
Grilled hamburger with BBQ sauce, feta cheese, black pepper, and pea shoots
Baked potato with butter, sour cream, black pepper, and radish microgreens
Hamburgers with mustard microgreens mixed in with meat
Microgreens in rice paper rolls – like a Vietnamese roll
Pita, sunflower shoots or broccoli microgreens, shredded cheese – microwave 20 secs to melt cheese
10-inch tortilla, natural peanut butter, hemp hearts, sunflower shoots
Pea shoot stir fry with chicken or beef, or shrimp can be added for those who like),
Fresh garden salsas with micro-cilantro
Spiral a cucumber or two and squeeze out extra water, use one to 2 cups of sunflower micro greens and add to the top, use a dressing of coconut amino, basil, garlic, lemon and top with a light covering of a chopped nut.
Salad with a variety of different microgreens
Throw on any sandwich for more flavor and nutrition
Juice spinach microgreens along with a dash of peppermint oil and make a great “green drink” that kids will drink
Kefir smoothies with banana, blueberries, kefir milk, peanut butter, chia seeds, and sunflower microgreens
Kale pesto – kale, basil, sunflower seeds, sunflower microgreens, olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper”
24 hr. Infuse/soak. Amaranth, borage or bulls blood microgreens in vodka, then strain and use in drinks
Microgreens baked into breads and muffins
Pasta with fingerling potatoes, microgreens, cream, and lemon zest and juice
Summer time microgreen sandwiches with boiled eggs, key lime juice, avocado, pea micros, ham or prosciutto slices optional
Red Russian kale microgreens in an omelet or scrambled eggs with a pinch of daikon radish microgreens
Daikon radish and sunflower mixed and blended into a pesto sauce
Beans & greens soup – pinto beans, organic broth, and mixed microgreens blended smooth, top with parmesan
Cheesy egg scramble topped with fresh tomatoes, avocado slices and micro greens
Pop a handful of chopped up micro mix into a bowl of your favorite soup
Salad with grilled beef, radish microgreens, olive oil, and blue cheese chunks
Crock pot French dip sandwiches with radish microgreens
Sunflower shoots “cobb” salad
Hummus and balsamic toasted pitas with provolone veggies and chia microgreens
Quinoa salad with microgreens, feta, ad sunflower shoots
White bean salad with pea shoots, grated parmesan, olive oil, lemon juice, and chopped spinach
Basil turkey burgers topped with radish microgreens & garlic mayo
Blistered pea shoots: lightly coat a skillet in a garlic infused oil, heat on high and add pea shoots for a few seconds working in small batches
Pizza topped with arugula microgreens
Crunchy radish and microgreens salad with mint and vinaigrette