Support the UPAG Token

It is our goal to have the UPAG Token listed on various exchanges within 60 days of the token sale ending. The goal is to be listed ASAP, but we don’t want to overpromise and under deliver, as there are many factors that determine which exchanges and how soon we can register with exchanges and which exchanges we will be on.

We are very goal and success driven and the token is poised to gain traction very quickly and will have many factors that play into the supply and demand of the token which directly has a significant impact on its value to the consumer.

We hope this detailed information and road map projections of our products, services, applications and software will help you make a well-informed decision about supporting our project.

Here are some of the core factors that drive our UPAG tokens value:

☘ People will want to use our companies token to purchase our products and services, because it does provide a better experience than buying with fiat money or generic digital currencies such as bitcoin.
☘ As our platform grows and more users join to buy products, more people will want/need the token which drives the demand up.
☘ We do have a fixed or slowly inflating supply of tokens
☘ As user demand for our token grows faster than the token supply, the price of the token increases.

What are the UPAG Products and Services

☘ Our education platform of facts not theory, teaches about the harmful health effects that food is having on people globally. Most people are unaware that obesity and malnutrition, are directly linked to chronic illness, disease and death. This epidemic, which is at an all-time high, in the history of humans is directly linked to Monsanto’s Genetically Modified foods (GMOs) and their infamous, worldwide used herbicide called Roundup, made with glyphosate, a chemical which is highly suspected to be carcinogenic to humans.

☘ If there’s anything in life that demands evidence for, it is that which affects the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our families. Our software application already in development is being built on blockchain technology and is designed to allow people to input their personal data about their health, symptoms, illnesses and diseases to help them identify, avoid and even reverse the chronic illnesses and diseases plaguing us worldwide. This application is not meant to replace a person’s medical doctor, but is intended to give sound diet plans on how certain foods that you can easily grow at home will help a person avoid and even reverse life threatening chronic illness and disease.

☘ Our meal planner application will allow a person to analyze any recipe or ingredient list with automatic tagging for allergens a diet database of over 540,000 food items. This app has more than 1.7 million nutritionally analyzed recipes with detailed macro and micronutrient data filtered by calories, diets and allergens. Looking for something to cook, refine your search by calories, diet and ingredients. Such as vegetarian, vegan, paleo, high-fiber, high-protein, low-carb, low-fat, low-sodium, low-sugar, alcohol-free, low-sugar, and balanced diets. Do you have allergies, search for diets that don’t have gluten, eggs, dairy, soy, wheat, fish, shellfish, tree nuts and peanuts? Plan your meals and get a ready-made grocery list, right down to the aisle to search for the ingredient list at your local grocery store with a list of what you can prep ahead of time for a full week’s meal plan and so much more.

☘ We are super excited to announce our gaming application. Without giving away all our secrets, this game will be as engaging and fun as Facebooks Farmville, but with a twist that will educate without the daunting boredom that health education tends to have on people in general. We believe our game application that will be available on all devices will rock the cyber gaming world for kids and adults alike. We know that it’s not just kids we struggle to get to eat good wholesome foods, it’s all of us, with our fast-paced lives we tend to believe the foods we buy that are supposed to be safe by our government standards would have our backs, especially with all their regulations, rules and laws. However, you might be shocked to learn that Monsanto’s GMO foods are NOT regulated by the EPA, USDA or the FDA and we are literally Monsanto’s human lab rats. As arrogant as we all know Shark Tanks, Kevin O’Leary can be, it was still shocking to hear him publically state that all humans are lab rats for GMO foods during a debate with teenager Rachel Parent. You can watch the debate here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TX_-Zoom9Uc

☘ Providing an alternative to the current food system it was important to make it possible for anyone, everywhere to grow their own microgreens, with the Urban Pure Agriculture soilless microgreen grow kit systems designed for either home or commercial urban farming, are priced so affordable that a family can literally cut their grocery bill by 75% – 90% each month, growing their own highly nutritious microgreens.

☘ In addition, we provide the next level, alternative to the current food system, making it possible for anyone, everywhere to grow their Grow their own produce with our hydroponic vertical urban farming systems for personal consumption, for small cottage food home businesses or large commercial urban farming growing a large variety of produce commercially in the heart of a big city or for personal or small-scale sales, in a small space or a home or an apartment.

☘ Our virtual farmers market is an app-based e-commerce platform making buying and selling fresh farm goods and creative products locally. It provides a transparent, open and trustworthy space for smallholder farmers and buyers a way to buy and sell the freshest produce in town and support your local urban and rural farmers in your community.

☘ We have partnered with “Grab n Go Salad,” a new start-up that is working directly with UPAG, accepting the UPAG token for their Fresh and Pure prepared salads, delivered to your home or office. This partnership is the first of many to come. Grab N Go Salad is not only an incredible opportunity for UPAG, but also for anyone who wants to go into business for themselves. You could be a Grab N Go franchise owner with your own exclusive territory. Grab N Go Salad wants to exclusively use UPAG certified growers for all their Grab N Go Salad ingredients, opening the door to incredible opportunities. Grab N Go Salad is a Shop, Plan and Deliver healthy meal planned specific to your dietary needs and guiltless indulgence and palatable pleasure greens that melt in your mouth and leave you floating in a galaxy of nutrition.

☘ UPAG Wireless Sensor Development Technology will give Urban Farmers a proper sensor control system that address the problems of proper environment control using a wireless water nod, dissolved oxygen probe, pH probe, electrical conductivity probe, as well as ammonia, nitrate and temp probes. This will allow urban farmers to optimize methods giving urban farmers informative hands-off approach of operations with zero guessing, enabling scalability with predictive optimal input to achieve maximum yield.

☘ UPAG commercial vertical farms coming to a city near you, providing fresh microgreens, herbs and produce locally grown, locally sold, and locally purchased. We will be operating out of commercial buildings, warehouses growing the purest produce available on the market today, with NO pesticides, with NO herbicides, NO fertilizers, 100% organic nutrients fed to growing produce, with NON-GMO seeds, all hydroponically grown, 100% Pathogen free. Our commercial vertical farms are climate controlled and will produce the healthiest, purest produce year-round, providing the most flavorful food you have ever tasted, loaded with nutrition you can’t buy at your local grocery store, because we grow food the way mother nature intended food to be grown.

Every aspect of the Urban Pure Agriculture business model seamlessly works together to provide every person the opportunity to get back on a road leading to a healthy lifestyle without the pains of failed dieting attempts without permanent results, and at the same time creating a sustainable food security system. One that promotes economic growth and advancement that doesn’t discriminate against those in poverty. UPAG is literally for everyone and can be life changing for anyone, everywhere. UPAG is environmentally friendly leaving a light foot print on our eco-system, helping people globally efficiently and effectively grow food without the inconvenience and barriers that fiat currencies impose. UPAG provides the tools that make food and health fun, engaging and life changing.

The UPAG Tokens Role, Purpose and Features

The UPAG Right – Owning a UPAG token bestows the right that results in product usage, a governance action and a given contribution with plain access to the product and market.

The UPAG Value Exchange – The UPAG token is an atomic unit of value exchange inside the UPAG markets and apps, resulting in the creation of a transactional economy between buyers and sellers. This consists of features that allow users to earn value and to spend it on services that are internal to the inherent UPAG ecosystem. UPAG tokens can be earned by doing active work (real work actions, e.g. as an employee of a UPAG certified urban vertical farm) or passive work (e.g. sharing data). The UPAG internal economy is one of our most important outcomes and is one that will be sustained over time.

The UPAG Toll - Just like paying a toll to use a freeway, the UPAG token is the pay-per-use rail for being on the blockchain infrastructure and for using the product, which includes Grab N Go Salad business operations, small to large vertical and microgreen producers, gamers, meal planners and more.

The UPAG Function – The UPAG token is used as a lever to enrich the user experience, including basic actions like joining our network or connecting users. It will also be used as an incentive, and given in return to begin usage or for on-boarding.

The UPAG token is a very efficient method for internal purchasing and transacting. It provides frictionless transactions inside a closed environment, essentially relieving the pangs of third party payment systems, offering a much lower barrier for processing end-to-end transactions inside the UPAG market.

The UPAG Utility – When evaluating our UPAG token-based organization, it’s important to know that the UPAG token are the nails that encroach our business model. Each aspect of our model is designed to hold the entire entity firmly in place keeping it defensible and sustainable.

We want to let our creativity shine through you, inventing and creating many ways that the UPAG token will be used, not only at an operational level but at an innovation level as well.

We want the UPAG token usage to have clarity and be clear on its purpose, importance and usage and to be easily defendable and strong within our market.

We want you to make an informed decision when purchasing the UPAG token. We have compiled a list of questions that we think are important to ask yourself before you engage with our token.

Is the UPAG token tied to a product and do you have access to it?
YES - As described above, there are many products and services tied to the UPAG token and as a user you do have access to these. The UPAG token is the key to transact in the UPAG value ecosystem as all fees, charges, costs must be paid using the UPAG token. UPAG builds a value ecosystem for global trade, digital networking with a value structure in real-time, globally, connected, digital and cost-effective

Does the UPAG token grant a governance action, like voting on a consensus related or other decision-making factor or does it grant an ownership of sorts?
NO - The UPAG token gives no rights in the UPAG company and it does not represent participation in the company.

Does the UPAG token enable the user to contribute to a value-adding action for our network and our market that is being built?
YES – Users can build small to large businesses on the platform, offering their products and services globally and usage of the virtual farmers e-commerce will be charged usage in UPAG.

Does the UPAG token result in a monetized reward based on an action by the user. (active work)
NO - There is no reward for mining or other active work by the users. The value of the UPAG token is determined by pure market forces of supply and demand. It is nothing like an equity stake that could entitle a user to dividends.

Does the UPAG token grant the user a value based on sharing or disclosing data about themselves and their product?
YES – The token grants the user a value based on sharing and disclosing data about themselves and their products (defined above as passive work) If UPAG shares someone’s data in our ecosystem it indirectly brings value to the token holder as the track and trace records of their produce provides a communication channel providing for transparency of food fraud and safety concerns while ensuring the product owners privacy helping them to integrate online and offline traceability for food safety and quality.

Is buying/selling something part of the UPAG business model and can users create a new product or service?
YES – UPAG is a multi-sided platform business model; to work properly buyers and sellers must buy/sell their goods and third-party users can provide services and solutions to enrich the UPAG ecosystem.

Is the UPAG token required as a security deposit to secure some aspect of the blockchains operation?
YES - There is an escrow-account mechanism to provide trust between the buyer and the seller, as well as create a secure environment. The token is staked in the smart contract, which acts as an escrow agent.

Is the UPAG token required to join a network or other related entity?
YES – The token is required to transact on the platform.

Is the UPAG token given away or offered at a discount, as an incentive to encourage product trial or usage?

Is the UPAG token our principal payment unit, essentially functioning as an internal currency?
YES - The UPAG token has a unit of value and can be used to pay for usage of our products, services and platform.

Does the UPAG blockchain autonomously distribute profits to token holders?
NO – Profits are not shared to token holders; the UPAG token gives no rights in the UPAG company and does not represent participation in the company.

Is the UPAG token operating under a smart contract?
YES – We operate under a smart contract where certain condition are met before any funds are released.

Is there a related benefit to the UPAG users, resulting from built-in currency inflation?
YES - The UPAG token enables a real connection between users, e.g. the UPAG token grants participation and enables a settlement function that participants within the UPAG network used to facilitate the purchase and sale of goods and services.

The UPAG token is a user token or better known as a utility token that is used as an internal currency with the UPAG Ecosystem. The UPAG token provide our holders with access to our products and services. The issuance of the UPAG token gives the users a standing pre-order of our products and services available or still under development. The UPAG token can be exchanged between users across blockchain-based networks and will be tradable on various cryptocurrency exchanges.